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The pictures above are the pictures we have of the units we miss for our planned Museum Exhibition. We also miss other units, for which we have no pictures. Those are VDU Terminals only existing in Brazil and in Japan.  We will revert to them at the end of this page.

Picture 1 shows  Agentset and Keyset used for SAS Airline  Reservation and Check-In respectively. (~1960)

Picture 2 shows the first SAS Alfascope terminal model 3100, a marvel of technique in 1974.

Picture 3 shows Schaub Lorentz Teletype Writer without cover. Can be recognized by the striking colour. (~1958)

Picture 4 and  5 are the Paper Tape Transmitter called T-91  (Siemens). (~1958)

Picture 6 shows the Telegram Central in Copenhagen 1965. The red arrow points to the line of  T-91's.

In Brazil import of foreign equipment, including SAS's SASALFA Terminals, was forbidden. VARIG Airline had their own  "TEVAR" terminals made out of scrapped aircraft parts. In excellent cooperation with SAS DATA specialists, VARIG programmers (Zuwick and Otto Fertsch in Porto Allegre) developed  TEVAR Terminals, able to communicate using the SASALFA protocol. These  terminals were used in SAS offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and at the airports respectively. Where are they now?

In  Japan at Narita Airport, SAS passengers were  handled by  All Nippon Air (ANA) employees. Passenger handling was performed manually and based on  passenger lists transmitted from Copenhagen Data Centre to Narita Airport every day.  All Nippon Air programmers,  in cooperation with specialists from SAS Data, developed software enabling the ANA terminals to perform Check-In in the SAS Systems in Copenhagen via ANA systems (Host-toHost).  Where are these terminals now?

If you know anything indicating where these missing units are now,  please contact us!

   Helge Grimstad

Copyright 2006 SDSK

Wanted Units
Picture 1
Agentset and Keyset  
Picture 2
SAS Alfascope  
Picture 3
Lorentz Teletype Writer  
Picture 4

Siemens T-91

Picture 5

Siemens T-91

Picture 6

Many Siemens T-91